Modern double hammock in trendy style

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Double hammock is a popular babywearing style that involves using a woven wrap to create a secure and comfortable seat for a baby or toddler. The wrap fabric is spread out across the back and doubled up for extra support. It’s a versatile and supportive option for parents who want to keep their child close and comfortable while having their hands free.

Product Name: Hammock Stand
Material: cotton
Color: Customized Color
Feature: Durable, Lightweight, Foldable
Size: 220*200cm
Packing: 1pc/polyabg,4pcs/ctn
Hammock Size: Customized Size
Package Size: Customized Size
Weight: 0.65KG
Type: 1-2person
Logo: Accept Customized Logo
MOQ: 500pcs

Double hammock is a popular style of tying a woven wrap around a baby or toddler for babywearing. It involves creating a secure and comfortable seat for the baby or toddler, with the fabric forming a supportive and comfortable cocoon around them. The double hammock is so called because the fabric is doubled up and spread out across the back, providing extra support for both the wearer and the child.

To create a double hammock, the woven wrap is first spread out behind the wearer, with the middle marker aligned with the spine. The fabric is then gathered in bunches and brought over the shoulders, crossed at the back, and spread out across the back to form a comfortable seat for the child. The fabric is then wrapped around the waist, knotted or tied off, and adjusted for the perfect fit.

Double hammock is a popular choice for parents who want a secure and comfortable way to carry their child, especially for longer periods of time. With the right technique and practice, the double hammock can be a great way to keep your baby close and comfortable while keeping your hands free.

Double hammock is a versatile and supportive way of carrying a baby or toddler using a woven wrap. This style of wrapping involves creating a secure seat for the child, with the wrap fabric spread out across the back and doubled up for extra support. The fabric is then spread out across the back, creating a supportive seat for the child, and the tails are brought around the front and tied securely. This creates a snug and comfortable fit that can be adjusted as necessary.

One of the benefits of the double hammock is that it can be used from birth to toddlerhood, and can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of children. With practice and the right technique, it can be a comfortable and secure way to keep your child close and your hands free.